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Here are the 4 reasons why you must buy a property in Haridwar.

The world of today is now a conventional norm of living hectic and busy lives. Whether it's a project deadline or just keeping up with the pace of life, people are constantly in a rush to accomplish things. This hectic lifestyle is typically caused by outside factors such as work, school, traffic, family, friends, or life in general. Every one of these things add drama and unnecessary stress to our lives. And all anyone needs to find is not only an escape from the chaos of daily life but also find some peace and tranquility in nature. Hence, allow their senses to be completely overwhelmed with serenity where essence of nature can be enjoyed with all five senses. So is it true to say that you are looking for a similar escape that can be obtained in your region or somewhere else? If the appropriate response to this question is "yes," then we have you sorted. 

There are several factors that add to the list, but if we come to name a few that will be the following.


1- Favourable Location & State Policies :

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Property in Haridwar turns out to be more lucrative over time because the city's market is projected to grow at a very good pace. Accordingly, It is wise to pick the optimal option for investing such as an apartment in Haridwar city’s well- developed locality that is anticipated to thrive in the coming few months or years down the line. However it is advised that prior to actually investing you must do a careful inspection and determine the potential for growth. Moreover, The Uttarakhand government's real estate policies fosters a market that is favourable to all type of target buyers. There are no restrictions on the size of the plot if it is meant to be converted to an agricultural land. According to the State's Land Ceiling Act any non-domicile may purchase an agricultural plot outside of a city with a maximum land area of 250 sq m. The government also permits exemptions for outsiders to transfer land and thus you can later use that home for sale in Uttarakhand with surplus margin of profits.


2- Adequate Water and Power Supply :

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With abundance of power and clean water supply. Haridwar is developing more prosperous day after day. Industrialists adore Haridwar for its welcoming environment and cutting-edge innovations in the power generation sector. Haridwar is excelling in solar energy after years of developments in irrigation and hydropower energy. In Haridwar, Uttarakhand the Chilla Hydroelectric Project or popularly known as Chilla Dam is built in the town of Virbhadra in the upstream of Ganges. The power project was commissioned in 1980 and produces 144 MW of energy. The Ganga Basin serves as the plant's hydropower reservoir. The Ganga River serves as the source of the power project. It is also one of a tourist attraction in haridwar. 
It’s not just Chilla Project only Pathri Power House also contributes in the growth of Haridwar. The hydroelectric project is a tiny one with a capacity of under 25 MW. It was first put to service back in 1955. This particular plant is similar to a dam on a canal. The power plant's hydroelectric system is now operational. Upper Ganga Canal serves as the water source used in the power-generation process.


3- Connectivity :

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Haridwar is well connected to all the major cities of India. One can now reach Haridwar from Delhi within 4-5 hours. Additionally, it serves as a gateway of entry into the pious state of Uttarakhand (Devbhoomi). A console for the key to access all the neighbouring locations is simply a home in haridwar though which you will be in vicinity to cities like -

Dehradun(58 KM) – The Valley of Dehradun is a perfect blend of smart city with the quaint valley of nature. Must visit tourist hotspots of Dehradun are Malsi Deer Park, Mindroling Monastery, Robbers Cave etc. Now If you are in Dehradun, you cannot miss its sister town!

Mussoorie (88 KM) – Mussoorie’s Colonial bungalows and an antiquated feel seem to be everywhere. Visit the Christ Church, the Sir George Everest Mansion, the Lal Tibba for breathtaking mountain vistas, or embark on a day hike to the Kempty Falls And Bhatta Falls to witness the two major cascading beauties of Mussoorie. Don't overlook the Landour Bakehouse, which serves traditional English cuisine leaving its british footprints in your taste buds.

Rishikesh(24 KM) – known as the sister town of Haridwar, Rishikesh is equally scenic and sacred known for its Hippie Culture, White water rafting outdoor adventures etc. One can do camping, kayaking, boating, fishing, meditation or visit Rajaji National Park

Kotdwar(66 KM) – Go to the widely known Kalagarh Tiger Reserve. The Save Tiger Project's wildlife sanctuary is ideal for jungle treks, camping, and experience safaris through the forest.


4 – Peace of Mind :

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Nature plays a divine and vital role in the way of our living. The divine view of the Ganga Aarti is a scene you cannot miss if you are in Haridwar. It has the power to set you free. It is said that the holy water of the river Ganga removes all the sins and spiritualizes your soul. It is said that the person who takes a dip in the river Ganga will get Moksha. Having your own home or a second home in such a setting is nothing but a blessing.

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